They don't want me to take haldol

My mother in law has made it clear she doesnt want me back on haldol. The choice to go back on haldol was left up to me by my pdoc during my last med clinic appointment. I said ok I’ll try it again.

My partner said I can try again if I want. She supports me. My mother in law said I act different while on it. Tired all the time and not myself. But I was on haldol for three years I wasnt tired, moody or zombie the whole time so I don’t know what to think

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Could you ask her to elaborate so you know how you’re different?

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She didnt say I could ask but I’ve made my decision. I want to stop feeling like everyone is against me and hearing voices telling me that people are going to hurt me or to hurt myself.


Good for you! :slight_smile:

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