They don't want me to come

My partner for the next couple of days is working 16 hour shifts. Well all the night crawlers died and also it’s food stamp day she has the card. I was supposed to come to her work to get money and the food stamp card but my mother in law said because the next three days are crazy she didn’t want to take me and wait till Tuesday
It’s only crazy for my in-laws on Monday Saturday and Sunday is just busy for my partner

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Hope your days come easier buddy!!!

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I just hate when we make plans then my partner’s parents decide for whatever reason they don’t want to take me. I think they are planning for me to get locked next door in the apartment so they can get the food stamp card for themselves

I sure hope not…
Maybe you can go by yourself??

Her work is a couple of miles away and I don’t drive. I just should just hide the food stamp it’s in my name anyway. They pick everything on the grocery list and just get what they hell they want. It’s 143 dollars a month. My partner’s uncle’s family got over 500 dollars a month and when they lived with us they bought whatever the hell they wanted.

I hope this works out for you!

Don’t get too defensive though, it usually not worth it


It’s just frustrating because I try to help them and they just take advantage spend our money on stuff they want like they took 250 dollars for the cable and spent it on stuff for their daughter’s room and then the next payday we had to pay the cable again and a late fee so it was 280 dollars.

My partner does not want to move because she can’t get week end options pay so she has to have at least 4 days a week to cover our bills and her tuition while going to part time

Yeah you should definitely look after your own interest and money of course…

(But) I find it comforting to know that not everything in life I can control… and sometimes… theres an unexplained force or desire that leads me to do things I later find difficult…

I like to believe this force is after my best interest after all and even when stuff happens to me that I don’t want to happen to me I like to think that it’s for the best and actually a step in the right direction, even though I don’t always know what that direction is…

Hope you find this relatable…
Best wishes…!


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