They’d rather you fail than go against the recovery model

This is what I believe.

I’m just mad today that I post about my miraculous recovery from severe ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ schizophrenia a few years ago. I was the most severe case in every treatment center I ever was in. I was the guy in every treatment center that you said “at least I’m not that guy” running and screaming, getting naked, injections in my ass, security guards called to come in to manhandle me, etc… a hospital every year at the very least…but no one wants to know about my recovery.

I mean Ive been on clozaril, zyprexa, prolixin, haldol, Thorazine and more but in 2014 I started off taking abilify and it didn’t work too well, but I stayed on it because of lack of side effects.

30 mg was the highest dose I was on. Bad side effects at 30 mg so could only do up to 25 mg. Tried another antipsychotic on top, modafinal, lots of klonopin.

None of it really worked.

Then I tried naltrexone and all my problems slowly but swiftly go away.

Now on 0 mg klonopin 10 mg abilify…naltrexone…50 mg…and Zoloft…50 mg.

I’m not telling you to try my med combo.

But why is it when a person with great insight posts about some lions mane helping him everyone is obsessed with it.

Then I post about a prescription medication naltrexone and no one gives it a second eye wink??

Is it because I was so delusional you didn’t believe me??? What’s your excuse now when I’m less delusional than some normies??

Just frustrating to me because every time someone makes a thread showing love for a poster I get no love.

Last year no one wished me happy birthday.

Now I try to ignore it. “Used to being outcasted”. So I just accept it that no one likes me or wants my help or wants to listen to me or anything.

But today I’m making this post. Some kind of stand. I just feel greatly under appreciated here. Y’all don’t even know I guess…yeah you don’t…

Sorry to anyone who has been great most or all the time you know who you are…

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You and I go way back. I got nothing but love for ya homie.

Take care. :v:


Ok I’m feeling a little bit better already but still interested in your responses.


Hey, I have only been here like 3 days posting and being an active member and 2 days ago when I went on the creativity forum of this site, I clicked your sobriety poem. It spoke a lot to me because addiction runs in my family, extended family. My mother is a d and a counselor and I remember her mentioning neltrexone for people coming off of opiates. If that works for you and symptoms, glad you have docs that can prescribe it to you. She is totally against klonopin and hates seeing me on it


I don’t really know you or anyone on here but I do enjoy reading your posts

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Thanks @Winterblues that means a lot!! I wouldn’t have known you’ve only been here a few days. Would think much longer. :slight_smile:
Definitely stay around!!!

Yeah naltrexone, obviously not a doctor, can’t tell people to take it or prescribe it. Honestly you just said what I needed to hear!! People have said it to me before but it was good to hear it right there. Thank you. I can’t guarantee anyone it works with their symptoms but for me…I don’t know. Just thanks. It’s just been so good to me I got it prescribed for alcoholism and it’s tackled all my other issues too so I have an affinity to it.

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Years ago you post about supplements and you were shown the door. It wasn’t good science.

I’m not saying that has changed much. Yes there’s some studies etc but it isn’t fact.

No slight. You can come on here and say vitamin C saved you from crisis but it’s not the whole story.

What I say now is that it’s a different world. It frustrates me too but in the past I worried about people without sz who use this site. I’ve broadened my thinking a lot since then.

20 years ago. Yes I’ve been here that long! People were worried about positive symptoms and that was primary concern. 15 years later it’s all about negative symptoms and supplements.

I’m still not convinced and feel your pain but we need a more broader sense about this. It’s been a long time since this site was all about schizophrenia.

Love your work matey. Keep on keeping on!

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Thank you @rogueone

Thanks @Montezuma we’re some of the senior members on this board now lol!!

Thanks @Etch-A-Sketch


It’s great you don’t need all that abilify. I, like you had no response to it and I was on 30mg too. That was a long time ago and short lived. It’s good to hear success stories too! I’m going to have to research neltrexone, and ask my mom this with evidence. maybe it can get me off of klonopin and lower dose of AP. Thanks to you too. I’ll stick around :blush:

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You welcome :slight_smile: LOL. I know. It’s kind of a trip isn’t it? Seems like just yesterday that I joined. I haven’t been around nearly as long as @rogueone though, who gets a ton of my respect!


You need a prescription for naltrexone in my country, but lion’s mane is easily accessible and cheap.

Simple as that really.


Fair point but I think if people are looking for a supplement to an antipsychotic maybe they should try lions mane first if it’s more accessible I mean but if it doesn’t work maybe it’s worth a try. I mean I’ve seen studies that naltrexone is pretty benign. It’s probably more accessible to me. But I figured a few more people over the years would try this unless I’m some insane anomaly it just seems worth it to me. Usually people ignore my threads completely on this. And I just wanna help and it’s frustating a bit when something works for you and no one else is willing to try it I don’t know.

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How did they get you off the klonopin when pdoc are so gung ho in prescribing it. Its sad I listen to the pdoc than my mom because other professionals tell me she’s not a doctor. She might as well be a mental health doctor, she may not have the degree but she has the knowledge. They are like “Don’t listen to your mom when it comes to medicine” then those professionals don’t even stick around. Now I have crazy, flighty ones.

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I slowly weaned and tapered off. Like literally I was advised to take like .5 for 5 days before going to .25 for 5 days. I did it even more gradual than that. It was like .125 for 10 days (half of .25) before I could stop it completely.

Very slow but eventually I just didn’t need it anymore. I was really bad for a while that I needed to take klonopin in order to drive my anxiety was so bad. It’s the naltrexone I credit that fixed this for me somehow. I don’t think my pdoc fully understands it. They say things like “it’s because you don’t drink alcohol your anxiety improves” but I know it’s more than just that

Oh, I’m a weird case. Yea, I have anxiety, but klonopin stops me from feeling everything in my dreams and pretty much dreaming all night to the point of mental exhaustion when I wake up. That’s the only thing I worry about because if I don’t sleep for a couple of days, I get a psychotic break. But I haven’t tried stopping the klonopin while taking my depakote yet and I think they both work with GABA in the brain but different ways not sure. Maybe I should try? And just keep it to myself, bc then once again I won’t be compliant

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I looked into neltrexone, and I don’t think I can get a script bc I don’t have substance abuse


You don’t have any compulsive hair pulling or kleptomania?? :blush:

6. Naltrexone (Revia) for Behavioral Addiction
Oral naltrexone is approved for the treatment of alcohol and opioid dependence, but it has some interesting off-label uses.

There is preliminary evidence that naltrexone might be beneficial in the treatment of impulse control disorders such as kleptomania, compulsive gambling, or trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). Other off-label uses include preventing self-injurious behavior and treatment of fibromyalgia.

There is some belief that low-dose naltrexone may benefit the treatment of cancer, HIV, and multiple sclerosis by “normalizing” the immune system; however, current data is lacking.

I steal money then I gamble it all in VEGAS!!! Perfect, I have my reason

1 Like is a site talking about the treatment. Sounds interesting! I know my life would be easier with less inflammation (probably would ease anxiety.)

I would try it if I could access it.


Wow so it doesn’t say schizophrenia but it does say mood disorders including bi polar, and ptsd

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