They cleaned out my account

I had $47 in the bank since last Wednesday. I put $120 in today. I just tried to donate most of that money to Doctors Without Borders, and they said my account had been cleaned out before I could donate the money. It’s partly my fault. The teller told me to say the account number out loud, and I did that. That’s how they emptied the account. God I’m stupid. It had to be bank employees that did it, because there was no one else in the office but a man and a woman. I hate bank tellers. I really do.

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I wouldn’t blame the bank…no one overheard you and used that info by the way…total paranoia, no way no one could remember that many numbers without writing it down as you said it…you might have a intruder on your account if you’ve taken out loans or something through online services…I got caught that way one time.

I haven’t taken out any loans, and I have had no other transactions online. I’m going to try again. There might have just been a mix up.

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They can’t do that without getting caught. Financial systems have audit trails built in that log access at every step. In addition to this, all banking machines and all banks have cameras. It’s a simple matter for them to check the time log, the location, and then examine the stored camera feed. Speak to the bank if you really believe this has happened.


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