They changed my diagnosis

I recently got a call from one of my psychiatrists. Later I checked my Sanford app and it said I met with my psychiatrist and that my diagnosis was undifferentiated schizophrenia. I’m fine with that but I don’t know why my diagnosis changed from schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. Maybe because I haven’t had any mood swings since February.


Mine was inorganic psychosis

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The answer is usually “Insurance decided the medication/treatment plan would only be covered if your diagnosis was different.”


We don’t have the insurance hassles over here but it’s common to see changes in diagnosis over time with most folk.

It’s a subjective thing diagnosing and things like treatment change things too. Really it’s all about treatment anyways so don’t worry about the small type. Your probably still sz and part of the group!


Are you taking any mood stabilizers?

No, I don’t take any mood stabilizers.

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