They called me in to do the preap cooks job this morning

make the biscuits gravy cook the meets and fri the potatos. and now iam done. and home.


I start volunteering next Tuesday probably in the kitchen.

cool please take my job…

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I once did a dishwashing job. Man the bosses were dicks!! This job lady said in the food business it’s often like that in the kitchen. This is volunteering at a mental health clubhouse making food for and with other people with mental illness. It’s more low key.


hierarchy of power

Animal Farm

yeah, been there.

Yep the boss said something like “WE ONLY HIRE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK” and then I looked at him paranoid like “is he talking about me” and he like growled at me. Meanwhile I thought I was doing so well. I was through the ticket to work program I was trying my very best.

Then he became abusive and saying “Is that all you got??” When I wasn’t mopping as fast as he wante. And telling me I got nothing.

At least I avoided a bad situation when I never came back.

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especially if your’e a temp

they had two agencies at the hotel

and someone from Sedona said to me, this one pays 10 dollars an hour

but I was only getting 9 dollars thru mine, so I called my agency to say I want 10, and they discussed it with the head chef

who took me aside, and railed on me, You don’t discuss pay rates at work!

well, if not at work, then where? He was a big bully to everyone, and I didn’t want to work for him. I went home.

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I worked previously I did a 40-50 hour trial work evaluation at the elderly home I worked with this 75 year old black woman delois and another Jamaican women I forget her name but they were the nicest women in the world they were so great the last day was my birthday they gave me money and cupcakes and sang happy birthday and stuff. But they weren’t hiring it was just a trial I got a great review but then it was at the granola bar in a ritzy area and I had the chance to get hired this time. But I’m glad I didn’t. I got discouraged and quit the ticket to work thing because my therapist who I dislike said it was because of my traumas of the past or w.e and normal people don’t get triggered as bad as me with abuse. Well whatever. Maybe I’d handle it better now because I’m more mentally fit but I felt like “if that’s how I get treated when the job knows I have a disability, I’d rather not work with an organization that discloses I have a disability to the job at all”.


I know of people who previously worked where I was

came out saying he has OCD, and they blamed his whole

approach on it, and slammed him to me, and it was hard to hold back

and not say something. I think, if they’re interested enough, they can find out.

I also lost a whole bunch of weight, and they put me through the wringer that I was starving myself. Absolutely not, I’ve never had an eating disorder. I was working out. I even did callisthenics in the bathroom at work.

Would if I could man. Got my chef’s ticket, but my back is a wreck. No way I’m ever cleaning a cooler again.

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