They be choosy

I like it when a lady has nice toes. :wink:


“they be choosy” :joy::joy:

How is going @Zwaynopolous.? Do you have a story or something?

Toes? I’m all but them ladies left elbows :wink:

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LOL I gotta tell you mane, I love them toe rings. You can’t put rings on elbows. :crazy_face:

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I will invent the worlds first elbow ring :ring: :muscle::construction:

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I’ve worked with cattle quite a bit in my life I find that a lot of them determine the color of their fur determines which ones like to make the most

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What about the soft spot on the backsize of the knees

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Ah plenty of soft spots going on here lmao

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That text is beyond my intellectual abilities to understand it. I am missing some words. Of course I evaluate my partner and make my choice. But I am not an animal.

Humans are animals.
We are hominids
Hominids are primates
Primates are mammals
Mammal is a type of animal


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