They are coming to get me

My parents are gone and the bad people are coming to get me. I feel like I have to leave before they come. I’m so scared.

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Can you call a friend for awhile? No one’s coming for you, but company might be good.

I can’t they’ll get them too. I can’t let them get hurt

They can’t hurt anyone, other than frightening you.

But they can I know they can

I have no advice other than wait it out. Usually you seem to have periods of stability punctuated by occasional episodes. The only way to prevent these is medication or waiting it out.

It just seems that way. But it might help to have a friend, even just on the phone. Or an as needed med?

That’s what I’m trying to is just wait it out but almost all of me is yelling at me to run away from my home

Take a Benedryl and go to sleep or call a helpline if you can’t sleep.

No one is coming to get you.

I’m scared to sleep

It’s also for emotional distress.

For some people it can help to partially satisfy the urge. If you feel the need to get out of your house take a walk in the safety of your neighborhood. Once you have satisfied your compulsion go back home.

Stay strong, we are with you!

okay so take a deep breath to the count of 5, and hold it for 5 then breath out for a count of 7. repeat while you check the locks on the doors and windows. Hang in there! When will your parents return?

Are you still on meds?

Didnt you go off them?

Who is coming after you?

are you ill ? is there a chance these people are not real ?
you can always call the police…
i did once when i was delusional and they just care anyway… just let them know you are ill and there is a chance its not real… hope this helps…