They are bad to children

Having children at all was wrong, if you know full well what is going to happen to them it’s obvious it’s wrong.

But even though they proclaim “screw my child’s well being! Im doing it anyway!” then they begin to treat them like ■■■■ from then on.

Look what they do to them. They put them here in this hellhole torture pit and then begin to pretend that they gave the kid something good and the kid should be grateful for it.

They are all a bunch of child abusers, every single one they are, sure there are the worst, but most of them do it for a very very long time in bad ways. I mean ■■■■, look around, you gave them nothing good at all and you act like you did.

If a parent is not apologetic for it and even pretends that life is good and worth doing they are nothing but child abusers.

How can a person look at their rotting soon to be dead child and smile?

And then there is everything in between?!

cute eh?! Nah! More like a nightmare

Just precious. And so smart, very intelligent rotting minds that are completely screwed.