They almost killed my friend

I was on the phone with him and heard a woman fighting someone and he got involved and got hit in the head with a bat. Heard my friend beg for mercy, ■■■■ traumatized me… God dude… I sont know how to feel… I feel so numb.

Oh wow. What the hell.

Praying for him.

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God dude… Thanks for caring. I know i may seem like a downer (even though Im) but I vent here because I dont anywhere else and to atleast get feed back from a good friend even if it is just one makes all the difference, so thank you @naturallycured!

Holy ■■■■. He’s okay? That’s so scary. Was he at home?

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He is homeless, this happened near his tent sight

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I’m sorry this happened to your friend and you. Some people are just mean and worse than worthless, whoever it was that hit him with the bat.

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It’s okay hes better now, he is just seeking revenge so hopefully I can diffuse that situation. She is in jail now for 2 counts of aggravated assault.

Thank you for your comment.

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