These recent falls

These recent falls have taken it out of me both mentally and physically. Not just the physical pain,but bouts of feeling cold,scared & tearful. Not that I was much use anyway, but now I feel even more useless. Even more of a failure.


(Hugs) I am sorry @firemonkey . That has to be very stressful.

Are you making plans to get a nurse come and stay with you just in case?


You’ll be ok @firemonkey . You’re made of stern stuff. This is just one of those temporary setbacks.


Hugs))) @firemonkey
I’m getting these unexplained aches and pains, muscle soreness as I’m aging.


Sorry OG. I hope you can get life alert or move in with your step daughter.


I’m sorry @firemonkey . Having physical issues doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human. Most everybody eventually has to deal with physical problems.


The physical pain is on the left side and very much due to using muscles that don’t normally get used. Sleep has been worse than usual due to it,it’s never brilliant anyway.Stepdaughter and granddaughters are very supportive. Physios coming in the mornings. Lots of sitting down exercises to do. Re the exercises my ‘curved back’ has been mentioned more than a few times re how it affects my tendency to lean to one side. It even shows quite dramatically on my right compared to my left elbow. Up until 4 weeks I had no idea I had scoliosis(youngest niece had an op for it). Meals are being done for me, and some drinks. I make some drinks myself, but have them in the kitchen as I can’t manage to use the wheelchair with a mug of hot coffee in my hand.

Washing is strip washing. I manage,just about.

It’s all quite minor,to be honest. I’'m just not a brave and resilient person. The bigger effect undoubtedly has been that on my already quite brittle confidence.

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Are you using a wheelchair to get around @firemonkey?

S/daughter is working at getting me moved to a ground floor flat ideally , or at worst a 1st floor flat with a lift. Sheltered/warden controlled housing is a possibility.

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Yes I am. I’m only supposed to walk with a frame ,at present, if another person’s here. They are planning to get me a self propelling wheelchair , as I struggle with this one.


Good luck with everything @firemonkey


Yes, this. :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

@firemonkey, do you have assistive devices? Like a cane or a walker? Do you have a tub/shower that is easy to get in and out of? I have a shower bench/chair that I often use, so I can sit in the shower.

I am young, but I have some physical conditions/disabilities. Sometimes, having something to help you get around can make a huge difference. Having stools/chairs/benches to rest on, around the home, can really help.

(hugs) :purple_heart::green_heart:


There in the process of getting such devices.

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Bad night up 3x since 9.45. Couldn’t find comfortable sleeping position. Just had extra strength Ibruprofen.

My son has scoliosis, mild. We found out last year.

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Dont waste energy on the useless failure self talk, utility and success are just rationalizations needed for the general function of society. You should be able to transcend all that for your own peace of mind.

How does it affect him? I’ve heard it tends to be worse with females. That was certainly the case with my youngest niece.

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It doesn’t bother him at all. It’s very mild right now.

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I think that you’re more brave and resilient than you give yourself credit for. It is not easy to live alone, especially as one ages. It can be scary and disconcerting when one has an injury or illness.

I hope you are able to get your self confidence back as you heal from your injury and start feeling better. I think it’s a very good idea to consider moving to a ground floor apartment or to an apartment with a lift.

i think you’re quite solidly brilliant xx

sorry for the feelings and physical stuff