These forums have changed recently

I sense I’m now a fish out of water.

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You have company.


I’ve been feeling like that too.

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I just get the impression that there are some out to push agendas rather than provide support or treatment related information.
I am not sure that people are being helped by those changes.


I’m trying to Like your last post… but oh well…

I do agree there is a lot of trying to persuade and argue.

I miss the days when members would agree to disagree and move on… I’ve also seen more name calling lately. I hope that goes away.

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If they changed, I didn’t notice. I guess it went right over my head. I sense a little disrespect but there’s always been a small faction on here who does that.


I don’t blame you all. I didn’t want to see The Way Out for the longest time. I had learned my part. I believed I was that part. I bought the instructions. For decades. Then it got so bad I had to fish or cut bait. I found a Way. It works for me. I wanted to see if it would work for some of you. A few seemed to be interested. Most are not.

I will leave you to your beliefs.

its been like that since i joined, there just might be a few more. Its easy to ignore though

In what sense?

We get about 10 new people each day - so I’m sure that could impact things, but what do you mean?

What do you mean - in what sense?

I think it’s that we’ve had contentious posters promoting extremely left field positions, and the way that has attracted a high rate of responses. It makes me question whether my approach here of posting information, and sharing experiences when I can, is really wanted.

Well a high rate of responses could just be a reaction to the controversy. The number of views might be a better indication of how much attention something attracts, and hence how valuable something is.

But I certainly am enjoying this boards approach, there is certainly room for the scholarly and non-scholarly alike. And i appreciate your contribution firemonkey, always have done.

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May be my paranoia, but feel this thread is directly aimed at me.,

Don’t leave… It’s not necessary to leave just because not everyone is interested.

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You are not alone.

I think some of it is generational too.

No , I think he must be talking about me.

Hey F.monkey, maybe you should try a new approach in contributing to this forum like maybe join in once and a while to the convers going on, or bring up a topic or two I am just no good at trying to start a thread myself. We are all probably a little bored being home bound a lot as you say you are and we like it when things get contentious and a bit intense by voicing our own opinions and unique views of life as we experience it. May be you could sign up to be a moderator. Just as long as you allow a certain degree of free speech to exist as they do now. I will vote for you.

I hope it has not been any of my posting. If it is let me know and I will leave.

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The forum will go as the forum goes and I must act accordingly . If people like the recent changes then I accept there is little I can do except increasingly swim against the tide or leave.

It kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Stone:

"You say you never compromise
With the mystery trend, but now you realize
He’s not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes
And say do you want to make a deal?

How does it feel, how does it feel?
To be on your own, with no direction home
A complete unknown, like a rolling stone."

That used to haunt me, but what the heck does it mean after all?

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I agree with this, I do sense the changes, and I believe that it is generational for the most part.
A large influx of younger members who may or may not be as supportive but tend to keep things on the lighter side.

They seem to be the majority here now.