These days all I want to do is explore the "REAL" places in my mind. lol

I used to think that “exploring the mind” was soooo futuristic and spiritual, mannnnnnnn. :roll_eyes:

I was a dumbsheit, and I fell for it…HUGE. :exploding_head:

Now the only exploration I want to do as a dedicated psychonaut is that of the real mind that pervases the entire world for that last thousands of years. That is the real fantasy as if that is not a contradiction. lol

What I find though in my exploration is that people are what a psychologist named RD Lang called, psychophobic. That means they are paranoid about talking about their own minds. They must be afraid of stalkers getting under there skin (disclaimer: there are no such thing as a telepathy :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


@DMAdataANDmoodanalysis shall i know what is ur breakthrough symptoms and which med are u on now…!!!

I don’t divulge any medical treatments, but I am experiencing much better symptoms.

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Okay as u wish…!!!

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