These are the tough days

For some background info, I work with my family, my direct report is my father and I usually don’t get to have my meetings with him, or at best anywhere on time. Too often they start at 4:55pm and I leave at 5pm to come home and help with my kids. I get to spend a lot of time researching and doing CAD drawings.

A week ago I had alot crashing down for me, alot were how my parents came up with another way to screw over my family. One of those days where everything I touch just ends up breaking or going wrong. I had an outburst and pissed off my wife and thats when I really need support. My parents caused it so they won’t be any help anyway. My mother in-law came up to help out, my wife really wanted me to go to the hospital and go on meds (she’s never seen me on meds, I’m alot worse), calls my parents asking for advice, and the “best suggestion” is “let’s take your autistic son to our lake house” its stI’ll a construction zone, hes a runner and they aren’t attentive at all. Had to sprint 1/4 mile across a field to catch my son because they were not paying attention to him, I retrieved him 20 feet away from an busy skate park.

I ended up staying at home and went hands off for the rest of the week. I just started earlier this week helping with thd kids.

This whole week I’ve been trying to get my meeting done to get what I need for this months work, my son wanted me to pick him up for school which is right when my meeting was going to happen. Everything I needed to print out wasn’t working right and my wife is waitin outside to drive me to his school, my daughter starts freaking out, and her screaming destroys my clear thinking, in large amounts causes visual migraines and vision flashes, and uncontrolled, but light anger (I might squish a candy bar or something else small in my hands when driving or throw something small down) because it causes major pain like getting hit in the head with a bat. It quickly passes if a migraine doesn’t form.

When my son got out of school and the walk back to the car (I have 10 minutes left for the meeting) they started running off in the parking lot and splitting up as the cars are all driving by.

They both were fighting and screaming to get in their seats, my wife had to buckle them in. During it, I “threw a broken key ring down on the floor, 1 foot” and my wife got pissed at me for throwing it. I said I just wanted to walk to work at is about 1 mile, she refused to pull over and talk mad at me. As we pull up to work. I didn’t wait for the car to fully stop and jumped out a few feet before it stopped in front of a few coworkers who noticeable seen it. I try to get to the meeting at lunch anyways, too late. Went to see if they were at their office, and my mother told me effectively too bad, stop being frustrated regardless. I told her to **** off and walked out. Just after my father was now available just because of my outburst. He approved the one paper. And I apologized to my mother. Still calming down but I know my wife is still pissed waiting at home for me…

It was even bring a good week… this is why when I seen this site I thought I need to join.

Welcome to the forum.

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I’m sorry to hear that hugs
Hopefully things will get better for you soon.

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Thanks, I’ve been here for almost a week, I have to attest it’s a large reason for the better week.

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