There's your sign

They yelled at me last night and threatened me by shooting a gun car. I can’t come back over. That is it last remnants of my childhood I’m sitting in. Soon to be destroyed.

Who ? Your neighbours ?

Some guy from a car shot his gun. I’m still going to visit my mom again

Holy crap , where do you live ?

Center Texas. I won’t go anymoyinto details people are getting worse

I don’t know if it was meant fore the gun

Just asking because of the gun. People don’t fire off guns here in Canada.

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I heard the gun go off. Maybe it was someone else they were warning. 330am

I hope they don’t come back

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Can you check any local news sites to find out what is going on?

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Don’t worry about the random gunshot, the odds of that person doing it just to annoy you in particular are near zero. Odds are he was just being a dick to the neighbourhood by firing a shot in the early morning.

I think they’re coming to get me outside one day

It’s memorial weekend, right? It could’ve been a firecracker.

Please be rational. Your thoughts are not grounds for anyone to “get” you, you’ve done absolutely nothing to anyone. You’re basically a scared angel being tortured by every little sound you hear.

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omg dud. thats harsh. ceep your self safe!

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