There's someone attractive at my complex

I should have asked if he lives here. I’ve only seen him a couple times. But all the men I like, like younger women.


You never know, just don’t shout out I want your baby right away :joy:


Undermine her by hording all her cats first. Opps, sorry for saying that I just realized the Sun is going down and the pillbox is calling me again.

Some people are supposed ta be cat hoarders, others supposingly tar suppsed be trash collectors, and others are supposed make golden parachutes.

I don’t get it? It’s a man.

There’s no harm in talking to him next time you see him.


No, its tirel corporation… lessin I adopt an accent.

the let me teach about computers at da universitie bevel now. Guess it was good to get into computers when I was 10 Finally graduated at 52. still adjunct though. I’ll never hit tenor, not cumfucted that wayin.

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Now, I’ll go back to spinning darties named june. Sorry for interupting a fine dscussion.

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@mister_lister, you’re not making any sense. Did you take your meds?


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