There's some stupid people out there. Long rant

When I drive the freeway, it’s a learning experience. I don’t know what people are thinking or where there heads at but I see people on the road who don’t have the common sense of a chicken. I have a temper. I have a hard time showing it but it’s there. And people do stupid stuff that makes me mad (not just me of course, other people too) and than they have no clue what they’re doing and I look at them in my rear view mirror and they are totally unaware of what’s going on or the fact that people are watching them. They are so clueless that they are sitting ducks. Do they think they are invisible? Do they think I can’t see them?

I see people who do seriously confrontational stuff. I mean they do stuff that is very serious stuff, Very dangerous actions and then I look back and I see that if I wanted to, I know I have power over them or I know I could kick their ass. No, I’m not delusional and I know I don’t have “special powers” or stuff like that. I’m talking in reality. I’m not just talking about teenagers who are at that reckless age and drive carelessly, I’m talking about grown men.

These people are so clueless that I seriously think that they don’t have self-preservation skills. Which is fine by me. If they make me mad and don’t have the sense to protect themselves I will gladly go along with the program and take advantage of them. Hey people do it to me all the time. I know they’re strangers and I know not everyone is causing trouble but you know and I know what it’s like to drive on freeways in traffic.

But if you’re going to make an adult mad and then not have one clue of what you’re doing, I’m sorry but I will take advantage of that.and give you what you deserve. I mean I won’t harm women or old people but if they act stupid and delibrateley do something designed to infuriate me than it’s on there head. I’m busy trying to keep head above water with jerks my own age threatening me without having to worry about stupid people playing games.

I know that I’m focusing on a very narrow subject. After all, it’s only a drive to get home! It’s not my whole life and it’s only for a mere hour a day. But I just thought I would post this. I don’t mean to obsess, in fact my 45 minute drive home was pretty good and it was a nice sunny day and I looked at the hills and checked out the pretty girls driving their BMW’s. Came home and relaxed. Tomorrows a new day, I’ll try to enjoy it.

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I used to be able to drive, but no longer have the concentration to do so. I think when I did drive, I was lucky not to have been the cause of an accident.

You and me both buddy. :wink: Well I was always like that actually but then it got even worse and I moved to a town with more complicated street systems.

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