There's nothing sadder than a hurt baby


When I was in a hospital once, there was a baby with pneumonia across the hall from me and he cried and cried for his mother. It was very hard to bare. I have been told that szs were particularly hurt in their infancy and that is why it is so difficult to heal.



i was a healthy baby but my mother told me that i was very vocal and that she would leave me in the kitchen with the washing machine on to drown out the sound, funny thing is she was partially deaf lol which makes it even worse, maybe i wasnt getting enough attention idk,

its hard to tell because i cant remember anything from that age.



I was also left on the washing machine. But I was told it was because I would fall asleep due to the sound of the water and the motion of the spin cycle. She said I would always be asleep half way through the spin cycle.