Theres no fight left in me

I have remission of all symptoms but the headaches are too bad and i cant socialize anymore. Im afraid im not with the program anymore. I can fake being well but it doesnt stick, nothing sticks. I feel like i can see it all happening but i just dont care anymore, body is ruined. I got no fight left in me.

I’m unsure what you mean, are you thinking of hurting yourself? kind of scared…stay online here and talk to me. things aren’t as bad as you think.


Thanks jukebox, no im just tired of not feeling well. And its hard to pretend like im fine. Its more of a existential crisis. I would never hurt myself. Thanks for being there for me.


sorry man…glad you wouldn’t harm yourself…


I think im going to look into a different med or a med increase. Maybe latuda is a better option


Hope you will feel better and have things to look forward to.

Nice reply jukebox.


I am on latuda.

I believe it helps me.
I am on 120mg a day.

Before latuda I was on
Olanzapine helped me but caused weight gain 24kg.
My weight is normal bmi on latuda too.


Do you have a doctor looking into the headaches? How long have they been going on? Did it start before or after your first episode?

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Hahah Spanish Grammar Nazi time… it’s excelente (in Spansih at least)! I agree though Zilija. Jukebox comes to save the day!

As for @ablue, sorry you’re feeling down but it is good to hear you aren’t having thoughts of self harming. I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks all, @Sardonic they started after the illness and i dont know how to describe them its like a pressure in my forhead.

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Do you think they might be tension headaches? Those can be caused or exacerbated by anxiety and stress.

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Either way, maybe talk to your doctor if they happen often or constantly because I don’t think that’s normal.

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I used to have debilitating headaches and bad intrusive thoughts alongside them.They were happening since 2015, after I had a panic attack and raged to the point of something bursting in my head (suspected the dura mater was.) My neurologist couldn’t do anything about them.

The headaches have gone from 7-8/10 to about 1-2/10 now.

I credit 20 grams of fish oil a day for my recovery, been doing it for about a month now. Maybe vitamin C helps with it, but the fish oil is doing the lion’s share of the work.

The 20 grams fish oil treatment was effective enough to pull a man out of a coma, after a few weeks of it. The guy was in bad shape, he had a part of his skull removed to relieve the pressure of his car crash injury.

Here’s a CNN story about it.

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Yeah i get the intrusive thoughts too, which my current medication helps with but the headaxhes remain. Maybe ill try the fish oil.

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The fish oil will take some hunting to find a good bulk deal with. One bottle lasts five days with that quantity. has a good deal, two 120 pill bottles for $8.

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