Theres gotta be a cure

Someone has to know of something that dramatically helps. Vision therapy can cure some people which not many people know about but that can only do so much. I’ve heard of niacin and other supplements but someone has to know of something. There are billions of people I find it hard to believe that not one person knows of anything that can atleast dramatically help. Someone enlighten me.


Yeah its called antipsychotics. That is what dramatically helps.


Something besides antipsychotics I mean

If there was it would be all over the news and we’d all know about it. While there are some supplements that some claim help alleviate symptoms somewhat, APs are still the most effective way of managing psychosis and I would not recommend trying to treat psychosis with supplements alone.

IV antibiotics dramatically improved my condition. Cleared up neurological symptoms. Syntonic therapy and vision therapy have also dramatically helped. I’ve spent so much time looking for answers and those are 2 things that have dramatically helped. I don’t think it would be allover the news if someone happened to find remedies that really help.

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Time helps a lot, and finding something to stay occupied until you feel better anyways

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My only cure is to be left alone and no one be able to see or hear me. I have to face my mind being messed up if by a miracle I am left alone. What can I do about my problem. I am afraid it may get worse.

Actually antibiotics have been all over the news I saw plenty of articles saying that some peoples’ psychosis may be caused by a bacterial infection. I don’t think that is the case for everyone but if APs haven’t worked for you or if you are just curious i think it is definitely worth a shot.

Admittedly though i have not heard of vision therapy or syntonics and have no idea what those are.

It takes time for the brain to heal. I was a mess when I first got out of the hospital. I still take a few naps during the day. I get overwhelmed so easily. The best thing to do is accept the diagnosis and try to work around it. It does suck though. I get tired so fast and have put on some weight and lost any strength I had. I used to landscape so I was in good shape. Now I’m just a blob of schizophrenia

I agree it does take time. It took me probably a year or so for my brain to “settle down” after my first major psychotic epidode. Took me even longer to get fully stable.

You have to have a lot of resilience with this illness. And a lot of mental fortitude. It takes its toll on all of us. A lot of days i feel like a blob of my disabilities as well.

Resilience is a certainty. I had a nice day today with my nephews but holy moly am I tired. I try to get myself up to lift weights everyday. Takes a lot of pushing myself

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I believe there are a lot of cures that are suppressed. I believe that’s true for aliens and ufos too.

I agree. I think theres a cure. An I’m not convinced its definetly even something you invest. Maybe something that alters your perception. But I do think theres a cure. It’s all about perception. Theres some perceptual thing that’s off visually and I believe something that can alter perception can cure it.

Something you injest*

Billions of people can’t even spell schizophrenia. Most people know nothing about it.

But there’s people working on either a cure or better treatment. IDK, you’re on the right track though, maybe there’s some witch doctor in some tribe that no one knows about deep in the Amazon rain forest who discovered he can extact the sweat glands from a flying squirrel and cram it in a schizophrenics nose and let it stay there for four months and after four months.then the schizophrenic is completely cured. It’s possible.

See the problem with alternative treatments is that they can’t find one that works for the majoriry. The treatment may help a couple people but it doesn’t work for the rest of us. I mean even lobotomies worked for a few people.

So did vitimun therapy. But meds are proven to work for large numbers of people so that’s why doctors prescibe them. I can vouch personally that they work long term. I’ve been on medication since 1982.

I’ve worked and gone to school, lived independently and wo on and so on. I don’t notice any drastic harm that they’ve done me. I just finished a college class and got a B and today I’m here at the park in my car enjoying a sunny day with a nice breeze. IDK, life is weird. That’s basically all I know today.

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Hello Edparry,

I’m sorry to hear that you describe yourself as “just a blob of schizophrenia”. However, I can relate to you saying that you get overwhelmed so easily. It is indeed easy to get overwhelmed with schizophrenia. Stress, even a little bit, is a major trigger for many of us. It’s hard for other people to understand. It is also easy to get tired and be moody with SZ but may I suggest that a little bit of exercise may do you some good. You may feel significant improvements in cognitive functioning even after just 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise.

Best wishes…