There's a stranger in my brain

There’s a stranger in my brain which doesn’t allow me to adapt with my brain-data. This was not the case before Sz. It feels like that stranger wants me to sense him and not the world. And you know what, my main reason to post about my experiences here, has always been to make them read my critics and stop their Mind Control against human beings. Thank you asholes for breaking the holy privatism seal and being a total fck!!!
I would think you rule this universe, but as your output is this low in quality - I just can’t but think you suck balls!
If you feel there’s something present in your brain that feels like a stranger - and if you feel like there’s no privatism - then it’s a clear case of you being a targeted invidual.

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I deal with the same stuff man. Just try to distract yourself and be either really energetic or really chill. Don’t fight with it. Just know you’re a good person. It’ll all go away just don’t look for it to happen and it so t happen as much.

Suck balls…garsh, that’s, well, oh ew.
Think your stranger needs to drop about 3-4 feet lower if he’s residing in the big head.

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Smart man… haha

Close the backdoor of your brain so that the stranger cannot break into your privatism anymore.

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I’ve been a stranger to myself for a long time, working on getting better and accepting myself and the state of mind and my state of being as is

This is all just a war against yourself,
Saddens me I reject myself

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How do you manage to close the door? And yeah it’s hard to get back to yourself. I make alot of ground daily but one little thing throws me off and I rage

I can handle things until it gets above my head then I feel utterly useless and destructive

I trapped myself in circular mode (i.e. the beginning connected to the end).

The drawback is I hardly can learn new things.

If the door was not the largest stretch in this whole mind maze and illusion.

My ideas about it is understand there isn’t a actual idea of getting back or “finding a past cure”, and just be and live with it.

The other idea is instead of leaving it
Come on in

I’ve been left cold trying to “get back” to the state of mind I use to know.

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