There's a nurse with whom I could have coffee

The out patients thing I go to have a program whereby a nurse could meet you for a coffee to break the social isolation.

I’ve met the nurse in question for something else and she seemed to have a “snap out of it” kind of attitude.

Pity. It’s something that I’d consider doing otherwise.

Do you have anybody who gets paid to have a coffee with you ?


I haven’t asked my case manager to have a coffee with me but I’m sure she would if I asked her.

I think that you should have coffee with this nurse @everhopeful.
It couldn’t hurt.


No I don’t. But, not sure I would want to either. :pig::pig::pig:

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Oh I’m sorry I read your post wrong.
Are there other nurses available?

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I seem to be assigned in some way to this particular nurse. There are others though.

Maybe you can ask for another nurse to be assigned to you.

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The nurse I have now is all business. She just comes to give me my shot and leaves. She’s African American so she might be assuming I don’t want to be seen with her in public. Very big assumption. All my other nurses (all white), were very eager to go out in public with me for coffee, dinner, or even to a museum once.


My last case manager was more open to socialize with me.
I’ve gone to a cafe with her and a couple of stores.

My current case manager is very nice but she is more business like.

But she has accompanied me to a couple of markets when I was uncomfortable shopping by myself.


I have been out for coffee with my nurse a couple of times. It was nice.


I enjoyed coffee with nurses. You learn each other. That doesn’t make the realationship sterile.


I have a lady I have coffee with.

I am not sure what her job title is but she works for mental health government I think.

I met her and her boss and thought they were nazis up to do nasty things to me.

I was reluctant to meet them again but met her again a few times just on a bench outside the hospital.

Then I started crying in front of her once and she said I might need to be hospitalised but I had medication increased instead because I was feeling alone and attacked by everyone which I e felt for years anyway in certain situations specially.

Last time I met her we had coffee.
She had coffee and I had a chai late and this time we sat on a bench outside a cafe and we chatted and I had difficulties talking with her at first but seem to feel more comfortable with n around her now.

I meet her once a month I think or every now and then and talk and she can help arrange some things and suggested I take driving lessons which is a great idea and suggested I do wellness too n some other things.

I almost felt bubbly :clinking_glasses:last time we met.:open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe the nurse will change her attitude once she gets to know you more or maybe you can meet someone else.

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It’s not nice to feel your nurse is like that which can feel hateful towards you which is not supportive or helpful.

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I had an excellent support worker she was very positive and encouraging sometimes we’d go out twice a week she helped me get over some of my anxiety


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