There's a million things you can do to wreck your life

I’ve done 999,999 of them.


Some other people have too and never saw any consequences for their actions


i have too. And am unable to tell most of them because of it.

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I wanna wreck my life too =)

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I often wonder if the people who raped me ever went to prison for raping someone else. They wrecked my life but theirs was fine. The epitome of evil.


well if own life is wrecked, that counts as a consequence, eh?

corn addiction wrecked me.

And a million folks out there to with advice to try to warn you how not to wreck your life, but how many of those people have we listened to?

For me schizophrenia wrecked me, but I make every effort to recover and be in good health.
My situation is very bad, and still I make every effort to recover, even though
I think that I need a cure or better treatments for me to recover.

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Yes, you can get manic and spend every last red cent of your “fortune”. You can get manic and have sex with every one in sight and get AID’s. You can get manic and start thinking you are Superwoman and can fly, and jump off of the roof of the Trump tower.

I have done many, spent a fortune, threw everything out I owned on more that one occasion, crappy life it’s been

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I pay for every thought that comes into my mind. Its misery on an installment plan and it never ends.