There's a leak

My friend was really mad at me. Apparently one of the friends I talked about him with has been spreading the things I said. There were even screenshots of some messages I’d sent.
I only sent those messages to one person. I consider her a good friend and thought she could be trusted.
I don’t know if I should confront her or just stop confiding in her.

Any way, I can’t talk to her about him any more, or he’ll explode with rage.
I don’t know how many people she’s told, but he told me a least 4 different people had confronted him about what I’d said. Word sure does spread fast.

I know I shouldn’t have talked about him behind his back, but I was desperate and frustrated.

I had an ex friend who couldn’t keep anything to himself. And who stole from me by using my debit card. So as a result I’m much more careful who I share things with. People sure can suck.

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