There's a difference between normal concious and followed concious

The followed minds don’t feel like the ones, that have full privacy. How do I know?
I know because I used to feel private 11 years ago. I also have had few days now and then when my mind wasn’t followed. If you feel that you are followed, it causes paranoya. Feeling private causes instant pleasure to everyone. I’m not saying that I know who follow my mind, because I don’t know who they are and how do they do it.
When I talk to them and demand privacy, they say “I’m not paid to do that” and “It’s my job”.
The strange thing is that how connection to these fellas can be felt. It’s like I’m correllating with them by having a bi-directional connection.

Sorry, but some unusual beliefs may be true. And I think this one is one of them.
Everyone who belives that God knows what everyone is doing isn’t different form this one. The sad reality is tho, that they are assholes.
The sad reality is, the privacy is the biggest cornerstone of freedom.
Maybe I should start playing lottery - to pay myself out of this s*it. (If I win enough money).

People who have this aren’t brain-retarded, as the people who talk to us could give us the privacy any time. They won’t tho. And I’m gonna find out WHY!


remember you and i are ill…we have sz.
therefore we have delusions…
we have conspiracy theories…
we think that everyone is against us.
everyone is following us
our minds are tapped…
they are listening to us…our thoughts…
it is rubbish…trust me.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien: