There was this lady,

It was raining a lot.

She was sitting on the cold pavement in the rain by Mcdonald.

She looks 69. Or 70.

I offered to buy her a hot chocolate.

She came to meet me in mcdonalds for the drink.

I then got really anxious cos there are other ppl in there so I couldn’t really talk.

I gave her the drink and said so sorry you’re out in the cold like that.

And left.

Anxiety is an opportunity buster.


That was very kind of you. You are a nice person. Good job, I’m sure you made her day. :turtle::turtle::turtle:


I think she liked the drink yea. Maybe she followed me into mcdonalds to check I won’t put anything in her drink.

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I think, that if you had done that for me or a family member, I would have been most grateful. Thank you for being thoughtful to a complete stranger.


Thankyou @anon55031185

She just looked so cold and wet it was hard to see.


Yeah I’m sure you feel all that now.

I feel good for that. Yea. Do you have a problem with that. It feels nice to offer a helping hand sometimes. Maybe you don’t know about that?

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That’s very kind of you Fraulein Slothy. You did a good deed for your neighbor.

:heart: :angel: :dove:

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Thanks Monsieur Monte.

I felt good when I offered but annoyed about the anxiety meaning I couldn’t give her a proper good bye.

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I understand. There was a homeless man in the thrift store the other day and I was going to buy him some food with my food card but he didn’t seem too well. He was cussing at something and talking to himself.

I’m sure that lady still appreciated you. Be kind to yourself. You have a good heart.



That was so sweet and nice and such a kind gesture! Thanks for sharing! It’s nice hearing good stories like this. :blush:


Thanks Monte :heart:

There is so many homeless ppl where I live. I have to be careful not to be friend one though because I don’t want them to become reliant on me. I can’t afford it.

I see the same homeless ppl all the time here.

Oh no poor guy he probably might have sz too, hopefully he is in treatment

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Aw thankyou CrazyPlantLady.

And I like your username it’s cool :shamrock::seedling::cactus::herb:

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That was sweet of you.


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