There was a right way to play

Don’t get wet, don’t get dirty, don’t make a mess, and, above all else, don’t have any fun playing.


I liked this one when I was young. It seemed to apply mainly to girls. - Mother may I go out to swim? Yes my darling daughter. Hang your clothes on a hickory limb, but don’t go near the water.

thanks for that, that brought back a flood of childhood memories.
your forgot;
" your useless "
" your worth nothing "
and all the other things my parents said !?!
…aahhhh… happy times.
take care

Chordy, it seems like you and I live in skewed universes. Same scenes but each a different take.

A lot of my childhood was the exact opposite of all that. But memories are funny. Sometimes I forget all the bad times, and there were many.
But yeah, having dirt clod or rock fights were fun. Playing football in the rain and mud was OK. Wading in creeks, carving our names into picnic tables at the park with pocket knives was kind of neat (everybody did it). Having fights using slingshots and BB’s. I tell you, you get hit in the throat with a BB, it hurts, but at least it wasn’t an eye. Once we got older our fun wasn’t so innocent.