There Once Was a Dog [Poem]

There once was a dog who had a great tail
Every day the dog thought it was great without fail

One day the dog thought, "Hey, what if it is not me?"
Dog thought, “If it were not me, then that would set me free!”

The dog pondered and thought how to make this tail so
That whenever in the yard, it was only Tail that would go

The dog showed the dogs and the people that this ol’ tail
Was something to good to be true every day without fail

So everyone started acting weird like a dog was bad
And then the tail even became maliciously mad

“Oh tail, Oh tail, how on earth could you?”
“You once were my kind, and now you are doo doo.”

The tail began to say, "Bad dog! Bad dog! Bad dog!"
So like dutiful dogs the dog huffed, and puffed, and popped

Well, the dog had crossed the line, and that tail was no one to be outdone
The tail hurt that dog day and night until that cowardly dog would run

The dog was crying, the dog was lost, the dog was mad at what was going so wrong
But no way could the dog say that it was just another tail instead of someone else

The dog only knew a few word incapable of seeing the truth to win the dog race
The dog was a skizzle patient in denial, and Great Tail One was dog’s only ACE!

One day this naive dog was met by a regime that said nothing comes to one for free
And they found this dog was nuts, and they put all dogs like this out of their misery

For what can one do with memories of magical ill and a freebie pill?
Neither a real problems are solved nor can they pay even a bill

The End

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