There is too much pain in the world

So much suffering everywhere. So many people are suffering. Yet I can’t do anything to stop people from suffering.

I mean, if I could die in place of every suffering person on this Earth, I would totally do it.


The world is not your responsibility.


Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders! You are not Atlas.

Concern yourself with learning to love yourself and have compassion for yourself too.


Stories of monks believing that pain is a finite resource. The more they take on and can handle, the less pain the rest of the world would feel.

I haven’t flagellate in years….

Jesus fcking christ.





This is not a helpful or good thought, @anon10648258. It sounds like you’re not mentally stable right now. You should not want to take responsibility for all the suffering in the world. You should focus on doing what you can do to fix your own suffering and then after that help the people you can help without losing yourself.

This empathy would be better used for self-compassion.


Your right. When I first gave birth I was asking myself what type of world I had brought life into.

However must remember there is a lot of good in the world too.


I’m myself feeling true existential guilt for my life and lifestyle
My many cars, air travel, meat and dairy consumption my leather bags and purses and jackets my overriding focus on new clothes

I feel like I’ve got it coming
If I were here in the times ahead, I feel I’d deserve being killed by maurauding cannibals
My life for the planet I’d take the deal in a heartbeat

I get it’s not just me. Feel personal responsibility nonetheless

I’m Catholic and I think the practice of flagallation (probably butchered spelling) is a wrong way of practicing penance. I think we should work on practicing kindness instead of hitting oneself with a rope.


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