There is this girl at Walmart

There is this young single mother at Walmart, and I can see her looking at me and thinking that my life was so easy while she has to work so hard. There is a certain amount of validity in that. But it isn’t my fault. It is the fault of the guy who got her pregnant and then abandoned her. I hate this cliche, but in this case it applies - “Life isn’t fair.”


I wish more people realized that life isn’t a cakewalk for the vast majority of people, despite how things may seem on the surface. Though I will admit I was pretty skeptical of how hard things could truly be for people like my current self before I became afflicted with psychosis. I guess that lesson is just one we have to learn from our own experiences? Still, I hate that you’re judged like that.

Has she told you this, or are you assuming this by her looking at you? While being perceptive of other’s body language is a useful skill, we often go overboard where we create scenarios for people that are fictitious.

Sometimes its fun to people watch and imagine what mundane tasks they are doing, or what little adventure they are on. I can come up with an entire story just by seeing someone in our shared environment. None of these stories hold any weight, and you want to be careful of reading something off of someone when you dont have all the facts.

Heck, Im doing it now with you. I dont have all of the facts but I’ve made a conclusion. This can be a bad thing when our minds distort what we perceive. Think about it, you’ve made a judgment that she is jealous based on a look and youve even come up with a defensive response.

Was there more interaction that led you to your conclusion or are you just reading it off of her?


Who knows what she was thinking?

And how do you know she was a single mother who was abandoned?

No. It was basically speculation.

She is the youngest looking girl I have ever seen with a baby. There are a lot of young women in our town who are pushing around baby carriages with no father in site. They need to get after some of these absent young fathers to support their offspring. But, yes, I don’t know for sure.

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