There is something sweet in giving up my dreams

I imagine a future where I surrender my dreams. Just living in blissful ignorance, playing videogames here and there, sleeping till noon…

Or should I consider chasing my dreams to become a decent (locally) musician? I can just imagine myself doing something with 80+ years, which is playing music.

I really don´t know… School is expensive and I cannot find accomodation. But without it, there goes my motivation to do anything related to music, and anything productive in general.

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If music is your passion, chase your dreams!

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Sky is the limit

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Thanks guys, today I woke up feeling more positive about my career.

You dont need school to be a decent musician plenty of tutorials on youtube


I know, but I need something external to push me further.

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This sounds like a good life.

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Somewhere in between maybe.

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I’m impressed, so many people on here play a musical instrument!


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