There is no where else to go

just this forum :woozy_face:


Yup. We’re trapped :joy:


Physicists say that there may be many universes.

Often I think of how to get to a better universe, because this one sucks.

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Yes but in this universe there are squirrels :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You are going to walk to the store.

You are going to buy a can of Sprite, a bag of chips, and a Snickers bar.

Do this now. I am your master. :expressionless:

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You are nowhere.


You are Now here.



Yeah, it’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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Go right at the light, then go straight for a zillion light years and then left on Forest Ave and you’re right there. It’s the first galaxy next to the gas station.

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Hey, on Sunday I picked up some beer, and once home I put my gloves in the usual place and then placed my Moosehead winter Toque Beanie Stocking Cap on top of my gloves, and at the same time noticed just how much snow had collected on my hat. It was almost as if I was deliberately made sure to notice this, and so it seemed odd at the time.

Today, Monday, my hat is gone. I searched the entire apartment, and it is not to be found. Many universes. Maybe. I have been using that hat for years, and now it has disappeared.

It gets worse. I just went out or a walk and found my hat on the road 24 hours later. Am I losing it ??

What a day.