<~@~~~ There Is No Reason To Be Afraid Of Life ~~~@~>


I Shall Tell You Why!.

First Off, Hello. Guess What…, You Are Reading Thus Sentence, , , Which Means?. . .

You Are Alive!.

So. . .

How Do You Feel?. Right Now. Thus Very Second. After I Said What I Jus Said. . .

The Fact That You Really Have No Reason To Be Afraid Of What You Are. . .

And I’m Not Meaning, Tall Or Short. Your Personal Shape. The Way You Move. Way You Talk.

Your Favorite Types Of Movies, Or Music. Favorite Subject In School. Favorite Philosopher. Favorite Type Of Career Involvement Or Dreams. More So…, The Question. . . . . . .,

Why Be Afraid Of The Full Sphere Of Existence In Any Way Whatsoever?.

Are You Energetic?. Sleepy?. Worn Out?. Fearful?. Happy?. Sad?. Lost?. Hopeless?.

I Could Go On With An Endless List Of Emotional Diagrams. But!, The Fact Remains, That’s Not Life. Those Are Feeling’s Inside Of The Energy Known As Life. For The Living. And That Means YOU!.

The Question Arrives. How Can You Be Afraid Of What You Are Always Experiencing In The Present Moments Of Endless Energy?. It Could Always Be Better. It Could Always Be Worse.

And Why Compare?. Why Feel Worthless?. Why Feel Better?. Can You Not Feel The Air?.

Yes, Sickness. Illness. Disease. Suffering. All The Way From Headaches To Cancer.

But!, It Isn’t Life That Is Holding All Of The Cards Of Fear. In An Endless Deck Of Confusion.

It’s The Endless Void Of The Great Unknown. That Is Where All Of Thus Fear Stems From. . .

So…, The Next Time You Are Worried About One Thing Or Another. No Matter How Great Or Small The Event Is. Remind Yourself That You Are LIVING YOUR LIFE.

You . Are . Alive .

And That Is No Small Task. Because Almost All of Those Hardships I Have Mentioned. You Have Already Been Through. Or!, Are Going Through Right Now. And Here You Still Are.

Drinking Your Favorite Drink. Listening To Someone Ramble On About How Terrible Or Great The World Has Been Lately. Eating Some Snacks Or A Meal. Planning A Trip. Maybe Spending Some Time With Friends. Getting Ready For A Doctors Appointment. I Honestly Can’t Cover The Entire Field Of Human Existence Entirely. But!, The Point Is…, If You Aren’t Doing Those Things Now. You Will Be Sometimes Shortly. At Least One Of Those Things.

Jus Remember The Next Time Fear Begins To Overcome Your Field Of Personal Internal/External Vision. The Answer To Your Troubles Is Simple. . .

What’s To Really Be Afraid Of, , ,

When You’re Alive.

So Make That Change!. Start Off Small. Keep Focus. Dream Big. And Make It Come True!.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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I know I’m not supposed to talk to you, but I really like this post. Thank you for this.
You helped today.
I thought you should know.

No offense intended by the reply.

why not supposed to talk to @ATARI ?

Really not sure.
He asked, that’s all I know.

oh that’s weird =/

i liked the post too

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There Are Two Kind’s Of People In Thus World @lekkerhondje.

One Is When, Someone Politely Asks To Not Be Talked To, Doesn’t Continue To Talk To Them. . .

And The Other, Who Doesn’t Listen, And Then Bring’s Up The Whole Subject Again, While Talking. . .

Rule Number 1:::~ Don’t Be Like @Sue_Bee.

And!, , ,

Live Happily (!!!).

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is good positive.


Why Thank You @rbrogan3!.

Take It Easy And Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!.

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