There is no escape from hell on earth

I just want a long car ride far far far away from this hell on earth.


I’m sorry you are feeling like crap @anon69073975


What happened? Fifteen

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Imagine burning in hell forever in the afterlife. What’s worse? Cause this is what I’m dealing with.

I dont know…I just feel stupid…nothing happened.

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Im sorry @flowers20 I personally dont believe that will happen to you…I cant claim to know what happens afterwards but stay strong hope that thought passes.

It’s just that I think I’ll be dictator in charge of assassinating people so I think I will go to hell for that.

Just don’t order me to do anything.:andorra:

I’m really scared of this. I don’t want this to happen and I don’t want anyone to be killed. It’s just my visual appearance (through plastic surgery) would serve as verification to assassinate. Since it’s been written down that way in this scenario.

Sorry to derail OP. I’m dealing with hell too with this.

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