There is no coming out man

Everyone already knew.

No one comes out.

They all already know.

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I find that I avoid telling people that I’m schizophrenic. However, with people that already know that I’ve had breakdowns I feel comfortable referring to my illness. I guess I fear being judged and rejected, as if schizophrenia is a bad blemish. A new dentist asked me about taking risperdal, and I mentioned psychiatric, but avoid the word schizophrenia. I find in society people judge schizophrenics without knowing anything about the malady. So I avoid “coming out”.

I had a doctor "flinch " once when I said I was taking abilify for schizophrenia. But I think you’re right pans, people already know, and word gets around pretty quickly anyway.


well my volunteer coordinator didnt know and i told her today and she was ok with it, she was very sympathetic actually :slight_smile:

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Same here. I believe they all know and planned to hurt me.

The ignorance just blows my mind, man. Reading about this disorder is easy as ****. The information is so easily available. It’s like people are allergic to compassion, they’d rather be able to hate as many people as they can.

two men enter. no man leaves.

My mom always knew I was weird but just tried to brush it off. Then her and my dad found my “crazy journals” that I filled the pages while quite ill…that’s when they started taking me seriously as I talked about my issues…

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Haha that’s funny. Doctors are such pussies.


hey! hey! hey! mind you! what if I was a doctor, eh? :frowning:

what if I had a granddaughter who was a doctor? :disappointed_relieved:

Then I guess you’d be a pussy too!
Lol jk sir boring. Paging Dr. boring. Dr boring you have a call on line two.

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