There is no beginning, there is no end

There is no beginning
There is no end
I’m not your doctor
I only pretend.

And with that, I held my Squishmallow, Dr. Amulet, close to me and I told him that he’s the best doctor yet.


I’m stuck in the middle


Maybe there’s a way around it.


Every song, movie, game has a beginning and an end. Life has a beginning and an end as well. Tge only variation is the duration. Some things are not meant to last forever while other things are.

I was taught the soul lives forever.

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No one has defined the soul except their feelings about. A soul.

I feel consciousness and others can say that is a soul to them.

But a soul is not a scientific word.

Maybe you’ve never come across the definition but there certainly is one. I think it’s something like the experiencer of reality. The “you”. I may be wrong but that’s what I think.

Something similar about soles of feet and soul concept, no?

I’ve always thought of the soul as the spot we occupy because of it

Think of it as a unique ip address

The soul is a spiritual jonprovable feeling

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A soul isn’t a feeling it’s a being. Maybe soulfulness or saying something is soulful is a feeling. I won’t debate you on the existence of a soul but I think it’s important to distinguish between soul (a noun) and soulfulness (an adjective)… But in any case I believe it’s the experiencer part of the human person just by definition. Whether you believe that that part should be distinguish from the physical is your own philosophy. Take care :v::dove:

Our spirit lives on for all eternity in the spirit world and sometimes reincarnates

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