There is life everywhere

There is infinite manifestations of life, we only ever see part of it, a finite part at that, quantised into finitely many living beings.

This is because some forms of life are travelling faster than light.

Light speed is not the absolute limit, it is just the limit of what we can perceive with our five senses.

Even with six senses we can only perceive in part. Perception is always partial. Yet there is life everywhere.

The balance between life forms is different in different dimensions, suffering is skewed differently, and we can move into such dimensions.

Thus within the infiniteness of reality, though there is infinite suffering there is also infinite joy.

Some people seek out sufferers, some people seek out joyous people, there is always a balance in perception between sufferers and those who experience joy.

Realising that there are infinite sufferers and infinite people experiencing joy means that we have no duty to seek out either, indeed it is a sign of arrogance to believe in such duty.

“Why not help one another along the way” as Bob Marley sang, sure, but do not fool yourself that suffering will ever cease being infinite, nor that there isn’t infinite joy to explore.

Thank you.

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Hey @Gagis, sorry for manically attacking you months ago, I hope everything’s okay.

No worries @DNA, thank you for your kind words.

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Every unit of life is in balance. I read it somewhere. Suffering and joy. But its not necessarily true.

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