There is hope

Hello there my name is Matt I’m 33 from sf and have a schizoaffective bi polar type disorder. I crashed my car into the median of the freeway on purpose during a mental breakdown when I was 22. I was taken advantage of sexually by a former coworker and his friend when I was 23. I’ve been hospitalized 15 times up until last year. I heard voices such as kill yourself , eat sh@t your gay for your father and other nasty things. I was so embarrassed during my last manic episode when I added 5k people on Facebook and a ton on Instagram and ran for president threatened people and was screaming and honking my horn and yelling at people. I was also on two antipsychotics for like 10 years and I felt so medicated and got fat For a while But now I feel great and tapered off zyprexa 3 years ago and currently just take 10 mg of haldol. I feel much better and just want to let you all know that there is hope and i don’t hear voices anymore have a full time job and have hobbies and feel amazing. Hang in there. Love you all take care everyone


Nice post! Welcome to the forum ! :sunny:

I’ve been browsing for years but yea thank you

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Very nice, thanks for the inspiring post!

Improving ones self esteem is the key imo although I am still not where I want to be yet but soon hopefully .my self esteem was destroyed for years it takes time

I kept going off meds it caused a lot of problems I got kind of hostile last 2 hospital stays I would not dare go off meds again

Going off medication is very difficult. You are lucky to have a full time job, I don’t have one. I do have the promise that if I return to the UK then I can undertake an IT apprenticeship. I’ve spent 12 years doing nothing, I’m 32 and cannot understand how I’ve wasted so much valuable time… I don’t want to take this medication for life, it comes with a whole host of side effects, but if it is working for you then continue taking it, I suppose.

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Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you are doing better these days.

Welcome @matthewj! :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing improvements, welcome!

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