There Is a Stigma On Scz's & Some of Them Are Scz's Themselves

It’s kind of hard for a person that is taught that doing something is bad, and then wind up doing it, and they can’t stop it. So it’s very easy for an scz to be taught the stigma about scz’s which is about a minority disposition with a majority collective, and not much more meaningfulness than that…so it’s easy to be taught it’s bad, and then believe ourselves are bad.

This kind of paradox is a kind of skhizen in the mind alone let alone the other synthetic “radio transponder” experience that scz’s are having, so it becomes just a really stressful evolution in one’s life.

What a site like this does is it shows people after awhile that being scz doesn’t require someone to go around, and stigmatize them for being scz. Therefore when you have seen a social scene carry on without anybody subjecting them to majority vs. minority bullying, then what happens is that it repeats in oneself.

In other words what you get from a site like this is you stop stigmatizing scz’s namely your own self subconsciously.


I think these are powerful words. If someone else stigmatizes you, you can always walk away and cut them out of your life. But if you are self-stigmatizing, you can’t just walk away, you have to address it to get relief.


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