There comes a peace when you don’t bring attention to your suffering

For the first years of my illness I talked so much about how poorly I felt. From now on I will not talk about it because when I dont, I feel better. It’s a paradox.


Yeah suffering is a part of life no matter what. Its what you do in spite of it that matters. Push on brother.


That’s a good and positive way to look at it.

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The more you talk about how miserable your life is, the more miserable your life is.

Fake it 'til you make it.


The mind magnifies whatever it focus attention on. Best wishes for success to you!


I faked it and found out it is real. I thank you for sharing this way for me.

Well, you’re welcome. The credit goes to AA - it’s where I learned it and it worked for me to my surprise.


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Theres no easy pill to stop suffering. Sometimes it takes a lifetime for some it’s a quick fix but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for wveryone

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Yea man… I always feel better after letting go. I had to do it this morning and it’s super hard to let go of those negative thoughts

the less help you need the more help you get in return.

I don’t recommend suffering in silence, but you could always use analogies when you wish to relay something to others. one way of faking it.

Ya, my mom shared me a psychologist talking to Joe Rogan about how depression is magnified by rumination and talking too much about your problems. I tend to do that a lot. People don’t get better.

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