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I’ve been hearing them again … telling me people are bad… things are after me … I keep seeing awful images … i don’t want to burden my family with another hospital admission… not sure what to do … im worried they will get worse… i wish they would go away and leave me alone…i want to run away maybe then they cant find me im not sure

thanks for listening


You’re sick and you have the right to get medical treatment. The best thing you can do for your family is to get stabilized in treatment. Try not to fly off the handle. Try not to over react. Don’t be ashamed to get the help you need.


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@crimby is right. There is no shame in getting help and I’m guessing your family would want you to get help as well.

I m just so scared I hope it gets easier… I cant believe im at this stage again… I never thought id be here again…its like the voices never leave… im okay…just taking each day as it comes…

thank you

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do not run away! nothing will b solved while u r unmedicated hunni. go to ur family and tell them what uv been hearing and seeing. they will get u an ap with a shrink a.s.a.p…get help and soon b4 it spirals. best of luck xxx

hi thanks you for caring…im on medication currently im on clozapine…the doctor thing is complicated…I see my local doctor on the 31st of this month…am I bad? is that why this is happening?



You are not bad. Please don’t think like that. Sometimes symptoms can flair up and it’s not your fault.

thank you it just really hard at the moment

These things tend to be attached, so running away, changing location doesn’t stop them…unless in the off chance it is from haunted place that is a hot spot.
I had some things like that when I was younger… evil thoughts inserted into my mind, black flapping things around me, other images, mostly in my head but occasionally visible.
When I turned to Jesus I found I had authority over much of it, and over the years have been able to put that sort of stuff in its place. It kind of goes along with the new therapy mentioned here about confronting the voices with authority…

That which you don’t like, is clearly not of you.

Unfortunately, wherever you go, there they are.

Whatever they say of you, just redirect it back to them. In truth, they are describing themselves.

It’s cruel game of reverse psychology that they are playing.

During tough times I had to grab my mp3 player, pop in the ear buds and listen to… playing in loops as I fell to sleep.

u r not bad at all hunni. this is an illness u have…a brain disease. it can afflict anyone at any time and has nothing to do with being good or bad. it’s just like having any other illness, only this one affects ur brain. please see ur doctor or a psychiatrist. they may be able to up ur meds or change them completely and ull get some relief. good luck and always here if u need to chat xxx

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