There are things in my life that I like

There are things about my life I like. Where I live we go through a lot of routine, but I still like the simple pleasures my life affords. We got to eat at a pizza buffet last Thursday. I like going to town on Wednesday. I’m sober most of the time. I get enough exercise. Even the daily group therapy is a good chance to get out of the solitude of my room. What things in your life do you like?


to live a beautiful life…

I like my workout,it let me feel I am doing something tough in my life now

I like my therapist,she really gives me confidence in doing things and let me had insight of my illness.She said I could stop medication one day

I had been to 2 meetups and went to visit my friend…I like to join people who had similar experience as me

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I like fishing on the pier at sunset

I LOVE being able to hang out and take care of my niece and nephew on weekends

I like morning coffee

I LOVE fresh berries from the garden


I like having more time to do ordinary things like cleaning my house or working in my garden. Seems I`m always running errands or making phone calls. :alarm_clock:

I enjoy having positive conversations with anyone i know, i love being a friend for my friends, i enjoy cooking healthy choices, hobbies like reading, yoga practice, positive documentaries… “Remember life isn’t about the end result its the journey of getting there.”

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I like coffee and biscuits with my husband
I like walking on the beach
I like reading a book or going to the library
I like sleeping
I like seeing my parents
etc etc

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