There are some really nasty people in the world (could be triggering)

I think that most people in this world are neither good nor evil, because for the most part they aren’t faced with those kinds of choices. But one action made me marvel at how dirty people can be. When I was in the army a friend of mine and I were stashing a bottle of Jim Beam in the tiles of a drop ceiling. We found this hand grenade that had its pin pulled and safety clip flipped off, and there was only a band of scotch tape holding the spoon in place. That scotch tape just needed to dry rot a little, and that grenade would have gone off. We took the grenade out in the country and detonated it. It was just somebody’s nasty little ■■■■ you to the world. Anybody who would do something like that is pretty worthless, to put it mildly.


that’s scary huh… i never had anything happen like that in the army when i was there luckily enough.


People are both good and evil. Sometimes the darker side that we all have takes over. Often in people who think that they are not capable of something like that. Sometimes they are traumatized by their own such actions. It can be quite a surprise.

It’s a good idea to be aware of it, and keep it under control, than be naive and think that you are not capable of acting on such impulses.

I’ve been a nasty person before. Once in a mental institution I tuned a guitar and the high “e” string was too tight and I knew it would pop when someone played it. I was too morally weak to tune the guitar lower so it wasn’t booby trapped.

Everyone has the capacity to be a monster, and it can be a little terrifying when you realize that.

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I am certain I would never do anything like that.

I’ve done some ‘nasty’ things during my naive younger years but nothing evil.
I was really a sick individual.
My moods were everywhere.

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I did some bad things when I was a kid, but nothing like that.

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People are a little of both.
Big natures are either greatly bad or greatly good.

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Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was both greatly bad and greatly good. He was behind the disaster at Galipoli, and he kept his troops there under impossible conditions long after the situation was untenable. He believed that if they gave up on Galipoli the British would lose respect among the Arabs and in the Middle East in general. Churchill was also dead wrong on India. He was a political pariah for a while because of that. Churchill believed in the British Empire. … But Churchill is also credited with saving Western Civilization from the Nazis. He rallied the English against Hitler. If it wasn’t for him we would live in a totally different world.

But don’t forget that he imprisoned Jewish refugees for the duration of the war. Not as bad as FDR, who simply didn’t let them in.

“The great individual is one who harbors a strong internal division, where evil and good passions are engaged in a battle with each other.” “The essential point is: the greatest perhaps also possess great virtues, but in that case also their opposites. I believe that it is precely through the presence of opposites and the feelings they occasion that the great man, the bow with a great tension, develops.”

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