There are only 17 things on my to do list today

Some pretty involved things like hanging curtains are getting close to the top of the list. I’ve been renting this place for 5 months now and still haven’t managed to get the window treatments up. I could blame it on not having a ladder but my sister leant me a ladder last weekend and I still haven’t gotten it done. I’ve had a whole week. Hopefully she’ll let me keep the ladder for another week and I can get motivated enough to finally get all three rooms done.

But today I’ll take a bath, make a grocery list, go grocery shopping, do the dishes, breakdown boxes, clean the litterbox, clean the bathroom, clear off the coffee table, dust all surfaces, vacuum, sweep the front porch and if I have any energy left over I’ll scrub the back porch (it has some stains). If I get that stuff done I’ll be satisfied.


I admit that I don’t do much house work even though I have lots of time. Perhaps some people would feel this is very wrong.

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I’m constantly doing housework, everyday. I do a little, take a break, do a little, take a break. That’s how I keep up on it. I don’t like things to get out of order too much. Except right now it’s like total insanity because of all the cat toys all over the place. I’ll have to get used to that I guess.

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I think it is really great that you do housework. I apologize for my comment. I was writing a little carelessly yesterday.

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Hmm. . .

One Of The Light’s Went Out In My Mini Hallway.

Slightly Disappointing Because I Enjoyed The Atmosphere Of Comforting Eerie It Gave.

Now Gone!. (Plus I Need A Step In Order To Reach It).

But!, Jus A Hallway.

So, Not A Really Big Deal.

My Bedroom Light’s May Burn Out In A Month Or So.

But!, I Have A Lamp In The Living Room That Can Replace, If The Lighting Decides To Fail Me.


Also, Need A Step For That As Well. Don’t Want To Risk Standing On The Ledge Of The Bed.

Not That I’m Worried About Pressure On The Bed. It’s The Ledge And Balance, Plus I’m Lazy.

Oh!, My Kitchen Light’s May Go Out In A Couple Month’s As Well.

But!, If Need Be, I Can Use The Entry Light’s To Give Some Environmental Assurance.

Note: I Don’t Know Exactly How To Disassemble These Ceiling Fixtures.

(But!, I Have Some Years In Construction, So Props To My Dad).

May He Rest In Peace.

Although, I Don’t Have T00L’s. Which Isn’t Really A Big Deal Since All I May Need Is A Screwdriver.

I’m Rambling.

I’d Rather Sit Back, Watch Some ‘PAZ LENCHANTIN’ Video’s. And Eat RAMEN.

Or!, Jus Order Some More Food.

I’m Broke.

Well, Not Really. But!, I Kinda Tell Myself That So I Don’t Go Overboard.

Plus, I Need To Pay The Water Bill. I Can Afford It. Jus Hate Waiting To Get The Money Order.

I Don’t Like To Wait.

All In All, The Apartment Is In Good Shape.

Love The Fact That It’s Quaint. Takes 20 Minutes Top To Clean.

And Then I’m As Fresh As @Blossom’s ‘Daisy’ (!!!).

I’m Rambling Again.

Hope All Is Well.

N e Hoo. . .

Order Food.

Worry About Light’s Going Out. (Get Some Lightbulb’s)

Order Some Food.

Listen To Some Music.

Take Out Some Boxes Of Food Empty.

And Chill.

Remain Bored And Pray For Rain Or Something.

Fun Fact: ‘An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light with a wire filament heated until it glows. The filament is enclosed in a glass bulb with a vacuum or inert gas to protect the filament from oxidation’. (From Wikipedia)

Stay In School (!!!).

Unless Education Bores You. . .


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