There are also good people on the earth

One of my favorite persons was Mother Theresa who run the house of death in Kalkuta, India helping people to die honorable deaths. She became a saint in the Catholic church.

There are bunch of good people who lives according to high moral standards.

I am not talking about myself though. I have great respect for them.

Although there are exception we tend to remember the nasty people more then the nice ones

No i don’t believe that at all.

I think everyone begins with the same beginnings and it takes all but a lifetime to rid yourself of it.

My parents are good people,my siblings and me too,we do not rob,we do not hurt others and we earn out living honestly

It’s important to be a good people,bad people will have their own revenge

An example of the best types of people are the scientists who have saved untold millions of lives by developing vaccines for the diseases that have ravaged humanity. Most of them got little reward for their work.