There are 5 things in Israel I should take care of:

one, the housing should go from very expensive to free.
two, the public in Israel should all use public transportation which should work very efficiently and 24/7,
instead of cars.
three, groceries should be free of charge.
four, the entire hiring should be very orderly and hire only the most talented and compatible candidate for each and every job.
Five, each individual in Israel should have full control of their thoughts.

  1. Go to the doctor and get some meds.
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And how do you plan to take care of those 5 things in Israel?

@julian88 there are several methods of public advocacy:
try to influence the media to promote these ideas( websites, newspapers tv channels),
try to go into national politics,
and possibly set up organizations that promote this.

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How about we let people decide for them selves how to live their lives and make the choices they think are best. FREEDOM!

@Moonwalker the only parameter that you can dispute is in the realm of transportation.
People can make choices SO LONG AS :slight_smile:
A: everyone can control their own parameters,
B: only the most talented and competent candidates are hired for ALL jobs, both public and private sectors,
C: Everyone has EXACTLY THE SAME financial capabilities.
D: everyone has full control of their own thoughts.

Is there a parameter for fly? If we could fly we wouldn’t need cars or busses.

fly is great so long as ALL OF US have EQUAL ACCESS to it.

Ok I’m infavor of everyone being able to fly

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That’s good that we agree :relieved:

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@Erez_Shmerling Erez your future ideas are already a reality in video games. I play such a game and it is very life-like, even a good substitute at times. Characters start off with nothing and level up skills based on what they do. There’s an active economy and there’s a level playing field. No mental illness either though there are many disabled that play. Perhaps your future is a reality today

What is the name of that game?

So now there should be jobs?

@frencheese I am talking as the world is today, what should be done immediately.
In the long run I believe the entire workforce should be automated,
though there may be room for artificial no pay jobs if people want them. … …

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