I wish therapy would help me. But I know it won’t.

I actually had a few sessions with a hospital psychologist after my first hospitalisation and they were completely useless.

I’m not a big fan of psychotherapy, I tend to prefer the med approach, but I see it can have value, and in the past it helped me once. My favourite therapy is journalling and walking on beach and picking up shells and stones :heart:

My pdoc suggested I see psychologist and I said I will consider it.

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I am too defective for therapy. Thats what my last therapist said.

Then you had a really bad therapist.


She gave me a task of walking in my house and around my house everyday. I was only able to walk inside and not everyday. She told me she has patients more in need than me and who are more responsive to therapy.

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That was inappropriate of her. A good therapist will meet you where you are and work with you from there. I was told by several therapists for years that I was untreatable, and I finally found one who completely disagrees with that, and is helping me. You just need to find someone else.


It’s not easy to just pick a therapist most places unless you have money to pay for one privately. And even that is a pretty hard task for someone who is that ill. Since there are not enough therapists in public health care to take care of everyone’s needs (and especially go out of the office to meet patients all the time), it actually sounds to me like she made the correct decision. We need to prioritize mental health more and people with sz more but as of now, therapists in public health care need to prioritize the patients who show the most potential for improvement.

And I’m saying that she was wrong in not seeing potential for improvement. Even just the tiniest bit, which he made by walking around his house, and that wasn’t good enough for her. That’s on the therapist. It’s too bad she’s the only option. Who knows how she’s handling her other patients.

Biggest waste of time therapists for me.

Not sure if it was the individual, but I found it very unhelpful

I think you’re blinded by your system and don’t know how it works here. She has to prioritize. Her employers tell her to. Her department gets a list of patients, all of which need help and therapy, and most likely most of which are refused help because there’s not enough money to help them all. And she has to continually cross people off her list to make room for new ones, most likely way sooner than any research even on short-term therapy recommends and for patients who are not even remotely recovered, because her employers tell her to. She will lose her job if she doesn’t see enough patients each day and cross enough patients off her list each month. She probably made the most reasonable decision she could have, even if there was some potential for improvement.

Blame the system and the politicians, not the therapist who has to live with knowing she’s not allowed to do her job as well as she knows she should.

Ok then


I have no idea why you’re upset about this. Just blame the health care workers instead of the system if that’s what you like. But they’re mostly people doing their best under too much pressure.

Like I said, ok.

I’ve trained as a therapist. I was taught not to overstep my limits of ability. To be honest about my limits, but also to be respectful.

Calling someone ‘defective’ is not respectful.

That said, there is such a thing as a client being ‘not ready yet’ for therapy. The client has to be stable enough so that therapy is a safe option.

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I’m not into therapists. I’ve spoken to a few, even informed one about something, I felt like I helped him more than he helped me, he even asked me if he could borrow what I told him for his other patients.

Then there is the problem that I say one thing and they hear another because everyone thinks differently, then I spend the next 15 minutes trying to explain myself and get on the same page with them. I’ve left feeling more frustrated than helped.

I’ve been able to solve my own problems so far. I took a course meant for therapists around CBT so I would know what they know, then used it on myself. I enjoy researching and learning stuff that concerns me. I’ve gotten along pretty good doing this. I don’t currently have any problems I feel I need to talk about.

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I paid for a therapist. I spent about 800 bucks over the visits.

First visit she got overly emotional when I shared some stories. Lol

Next one she gave me some books to buy.

Next one more workbooks

Next one after some chatting and me saying I don’t feel like doing anything and was just staring at the wall at home most days.
Her solution was “well why don’t you just do something!”
And I wasn’t depressed at the time either.

Then after more chats she said I sound like I have schizofreniform
And ya so,
Best thing she did was get me a referral to a psychiatrist that was both a good therapist and as a psychiatrist.

Then later I got another psychiatrist at the tms clinic and I did improve.

So I guess in an odd way the first therapist was worth the money :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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We’re just making assumptions based on Azis’ posts here. I highly doubt she used that exact word. We have a tendency to just trust that people’s memories and comments about health care workers they’ve met are always 100% exact and correct. Presumably to be supportive. Which leads to a lot of blaming doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.

I think it’s pretty rude, to be honest. There are some bad ones out there, but reading this forum you’d sometimes think they’re all horrible people. We can be supportive without blaming everyone else.

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