Therapy on human suffering

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I’m about to read the article but I’ve heard the same thing from a Buddhist munk I like to read. He says “if you avoid your suffering, you can never learn to take care of it.”

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For me its how I define what is suffering should and should not be considered

What does that mean?

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Like what do you define, that falls in the categories of suffering.
If you think it through as per 80/20 principle

So what are your causes that resulted in consequence that you are currently suffering ?

Oh ok …I gotcha. I thought you meant you could choose to call pain that you don’t want and don’t except something other than suffering.

Idk about you but I think in my life the cause of my suffering ais far beyond just the consequences of my actions.

Sorry if I misunderstood your reply… I’m a little slow to catch on man.

Hey no problem also don’t believe everything we say here. Because the first thing I learnt from here is we believe what ever we are informed or heard off.

Edit : Without any validation or literal evidences.

You could also see the shared content is just a blog from some person .


All chill and cool !! Cheers

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Here is the proof hopefully I am correct :thinking:

An expert in a field that has years of workplace experience in the field of therapy gives their professional opinion on what they’ve noticed in terms of patients receiving therapy has no merit because it’s not a scientific journal? I guess.

This is from AI guys