Therapists. What is better?

A bad therapist or no therapist at all? Especially during the times when you really had the need of a therapist?


There are lots of videos on line of massage therapists. They all seem good! :smile: :imp:


They aren´t, The make me want to be the one receiving the massage after a while…

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There are good therapy exercise books on Amazon. I have found these helpful.

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compared to 60€/week for one hour?

A lot of the questions the books have you ask yourself are the standard questions a therapist will ask you. The big difference is that the book can’t tell you you’re full of it if you’re spouting BS instead of honest answers. I find the therapist is good for calling me on BS. The books are great if you’re able to do them with brutal honesty.


A bad therapist, a really, truly bad therapist can do a lot of damage. Many people go into therapy with great trust and vulnerability and at a time when they are ripe to be taken advantage of. A bad therapist could get away with anything. No therapist is better than a bad therapist if you’re asking for a generalization.


Im not sure why we have to choose either option. Ive had therapists that i dont consider “bad” but definitely ended upaccidentally making my symptoms worse because they just werent the right one for me, so i found a new one that did fit and it was great. Its not all or nothing, keep trying until you find one that works well for you


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