Therapist told me to be around people

She wants me to be around people more. I told her I’m not comfortable with that.

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Yeah, they do that. It’s up to you. I think mine gave up finally but I gained this enormous family and I’m around plenty of people now, anyway.

If it helps you… I feel the same

What you do in a normal day? If you do not mind I ask you

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I understand her recommending that. Isolating yourself is not good, especially if you deal with depression. Social isolation is one of the worst things for depression. Maybe start slowly with it. Sometimes we have to push ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone.

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Mainly I take care of animals. My in-laws expect me to eat dinner with them but I’m not comfortable with them. I do try sometimes.

My therapist wants me to go to stores I can’t walk there with pain in my ankle from when I broke it last year. And my in-laws seldom want to take me.